Peel L&P remains committed to Hulton Park vision

Peel Land and Property (Peel L&P) has reaffirmed its commitment to secure the restoration of Bolton’s degraded historic Hulton Park estate by creating an iconic international golf destination which will deliver a positive legacy based around participation, skills, tourism and investment.

Further to Bolton Council approving the proposals in March 2018, which were subsequently called in by the Secretary of State, a public inquiry is due to be held later this year.

As a consequence of the delay caused by the call in, a three week formal consultation will begin on 8 May 2019 until 28 May 2019 on updates to some of the supporting application material, including a Supplementary Environmental Statement and a Consolidated Transport Assessment.

As the application has been called in, the consultation is being undertaken by Peel L&P’s agents Turley. Details of the consultation can be found on the project website:

The development proposal itself remains unchanged from that supported by Bolton Council, with the proposed golf resort tied to a future Ryder Cup programme including an annual major tournament and other events. 
However, the delay arising from the call in means that a 2026 Ryder Cup date is now looking difficult to achieve. In response, supporting documents  are being updated to allow for a Ryder Cup programme based around the options of 2026, 2030 and 2034.

Richard Knight, Peel’s Planning Director said: “We have updated the application to reflect the passage of time with the Secretary of State’s intervention. Delivery could not now realistically commence until 2021 which makes the Ryder Cup 2026 very difficult and so we are also now looking to 2030 and 2034. Having a longer period whereby the Hulton Park is operational and hosting other tournaments before the Ryder Cup, would allow all involved to build an even stronger legacy for the future. 

“We will be putting forward the strongest possible case to the Secretary of State. The benefits of the Hulton Park project are unique and compelling. It will help cement the region’s position as a global attraction for sport and tourism, whilst building a sustainable legacy around heritage restoration, environmental gains, community participation and wellbeing, skills and other benefits. We will be asking the Secretary of State to confirm planning permission for the proposals in the local and national interest.

“We want to assure all partners that we remain fully committed. We would also ask those who recognise the opportunities and benefits to make sure their views are heard, because the project can only move forward with planning permission.”