Ensuring the restoration of Hulton Park to its past glory and providing it with a lasting future has always been the primary aim for Peel. We want our proposals to celebrate the heritage of the site and the scheme has been specifically designed to conserve and enhance the value of the Park as a whole. We recognise that Hulton Park needs to be treated with care to safe guard its heritage value and national importance.

The majority of the Hulton Park application is a Grade II Registered Park and Garden of Special Historic Interest; however, the Park has experience decades of significant decline with a lack of investment and management contributing to the gradual degradation of the designed landscape and key parkland features.

This includes;

The demolition of Hulton Hall in the 1950s

Woodland plantations and the pleasure grounds have become severely overgrown, unmanaged and invaded by non-native species

mportant historic structures such as the walled kitchen garden and Grade II Listed Dovecote are derelict or in a state of disrepair

Lakes and ponds have silted up and lost their original form

An important element of the proposal from Peel are seeking to restore Hulton Park and these lost historical features, with substantial investment to reverse its long-term decline and implement an ongoing conservative management regime.