A hybrid planning application for the development of land at and adjacent to Hulton Park, and an associated listed building consent application was submitted to Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council (“BMBC”) on 19 May 2017 (LPA ref. 00997/17).

BMBC resolved to grant planning permission for the proposed development on 22 March 2018. BMBC referred the application to the Secretary of State on the basis that, inter alia, it includes inappropriate development on land currently designated as Green Belt in the Development Plan.

The Secretary of State has ‘called-in’ the application for his determination following which a public inquiry, will be held and is scheduled to start w/c 1st October 2019 and to run for three weeks.

Due to the delay occasioned by the application having been called-in, it is now unlikely that the project can be delivered in time to host the 2026 Ryder Cup. As such, the applicant is now also proposing that the 2030 and 2034 Ryder Cup tournaments be considered. The relevant underlying application documents have been amended accordingly, addressing these scenarios (the '2030 Scenario' and '2034 Scenario'). The application scheme itself remains the same.

A Supplemental Environmental Statement (“Supplemental ES”) has been prepared to assess the likely environmental effects of hosting the Ryder Cup tournament at Hulton Park in 2030 and 2034, in addition to 2026, and to reflect updates and baseline conditions arising due to the passage of time since the application was decided by BMBC in March 2018. Other relevant application documents have also been updated to reflect these scenarios.

As the application now falls to be determined by the SoS rather BMBC; and it is necessary to ensure all parties have the opportunity to comment on the supplementary/updated documents, the applicant made the documents available for comment for 21 days from 8th May 2019 until 29th May 2019. Consultation information was available to view online via this webpage and in hardcopy format at Bolton Town Hall One Stop Shop and Westhoughton Library. Comments were submitted online and via email or post. This procedure was agreed in advance with the Planning Inspectorate, which is co-ordinating the inquiry on behalf of the SoS.

The consultation is now closed, however if you would like further details please email 

The information provided during this consultation will be stored securely until completion of the project, after which this information will be deleted. Consultation responses will be made available to BMBC and the Planning Inspectorate. It will not be forwarded to any other third parties. You can contact us at any time to request the deletion of your information.

Anything you submitted as part of this consultation may be posted on BMBC or the Planning Inspectorate website. Where certain statements may be seen to be discriminatory or defamatory and may be actionable, the Council and/or the Planning Inspectorate will blank out these parts for the purposes of electronic and paper files. Representations can be made available for public inspection in accordance with the Local Government (Access to Information Act) 1985, even if marked confidential or similar.